Integrated Reservoir Modeling

Training Date: 
Monday, January 8, 2018 - 09:00
Training Cost: 
Training Venue: 
Plot 6, Block 86, Godwin Omenne Street, Off Chief Collins Uchidiuno Street ,Lekki, Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria. * Please note that we are flexible with our training venues, which can be in other states in Nigeria and also in other countries.
Designed For: 
Geologists, Geophysicists and Reservoir Engineers involved in subsurface reservoir characterization and building geological static models.
Training Specialization: 
Engineering/Project Management

Course Overview

3D geological model is regarded as one of the most innovative tools for reservoir management, therefore is paramount to have a holistic understanding of how to construct this model. This course will introduce the procedures and workflow for building a 3D model, regardless of the software available to the modeling team. There will be a particular emphasis on integrating static and dynamic reservoir properties with the geological facies model.  Exercises will be done using industry standard modelling software (Petrel).

This course provides participants with an understanding of all data types needed to build a reservoir model (seismic, geological, petrophysical and dynamic).

Participants will gain an understanding of the key challenges associated with building effective 3D reservoir models from interpretation and design to quality assurance and optimization of results.

Participants will understand the science and workflows behind building consistent 3D reservoir models including fluid distribution, permeability, compartments and volumetric estimation. They will learn how integrate data from cores and logs and how to upscale this data into geological and flow simulation models that will have a high impact on field development and production scenarios.


Course Objectives

           Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  •  Build required competencies for reservoir geoscientists to analyze a specific dataset and construct a reliable static model,
  •  Apply the workflow for building a reservoir model using dedicated software,
  •  Understanding of the applications and role of a static modeler in reservoir studies
  •  Identify the uncertainties and assess them in order to reduce the risk and optimize the investments.


Course Content

  •  Data QC, Loading and Modelling Overview
  •  Workflow Overview
  •  Structural and Stratigraphic Framework Construction
  •  Data analysis (Geostatistical Concept)
  •  Property Modelling (Facies and Petrophysical Modeling)
  •  Rock Types and Flow Zones
  •  Volumetrics and Uncertainty
  •  Upscaling Models for Reservoir Simulation


Course Duration

              5 days


Delivery Method

             Practical training with software



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