About Us


Our goal is to become the leading provider of learning services in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and beyond. We strive to offer high-quality, standardized, and globally recognized training services through our diverse team of members.


To organize, standardize & render quality training services to give the required impetus towards realizing the local human capacity development mandates of the NOGICD Act (2010) in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.


Membership to the Oil and Gas Trainers' Association of Nigeria (OGTAN) is available to all legitimate Nigerian companies involved in training within the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry. We have a network of 400+ members.

ABOUT OGTANPursuit of professional human capital development as an integral part of local content growth in the oil, gas and energy sectors


Aims & Objectives

OGTAN was established in accordance with the Human Capacity Development Guidelines and the NOGICD Act of 2010. Its purpose is:

To ensure the implementation of a structured and standardized approach to Human Capacity Development in the Oil and Gas industry.
To operate as a Training Business Group (Umbrella Body) and interface with the key stakeholders in the industry – National, International Oil & Gas companies and Government.
To provide a platform for training providers to engage Government Regulatory Agencies in formulating policies and developing strategies for domiciling training in Nigeria.
To facilitate the creation of sustainable partnerships between local and international organizations thus ensuring that globally accepted standards are deployed for human capacity building.
To bridge the gap between the academia and the industry by arranging liaisons with the Universities, Polytechnics and Research Institutes.
To promote opportunities for On-the-Job Trainings through collaborative efforts with operating and service companies in Nigeria.



JOIN OUR NETWORKMembership of OGTAN is open to all bonafide Nigerian Companies engaged in training in the Oil and Gas Industry.