Introduction, Application,
Audit & Grading Procedure

The Purpose of the OGTAN Total Quality System (TQS) Standardization exercise is to strategically develop OGTAN membership delivery competencies so they may reasonably compete with those of international training organizations and position OGTAN members for industry-wide acceptance of their issued Certifications against foreign competing ones. This would in turn stem capital flight and retain in-country value on HCD in line with the local content Act and the NCDMB mandate of OGTAN to set Standards to localize trainings and develop human capacity required for the oil and gas industry.

Outlined below are the step by step process of initiating and completing the OGTAN Standardization program:

The Objectives of the OGTAN
Standardization protocol include:

Harmonize training service delivery among members to align with International Standards.
Provide a baseline for acceptable best practices in the Training industry.
Provide a TQS Standard based on six major competence criteria: Capacity, Experience, Regulatory Compliance Status, Organizational Structure, Training Delivery Methodology /Validation and Performance Records.


  • Visit ATSP Menu on the OGTAN Website, then click here to create an account and complete your Company self-assessment check on the OGTAN ERP and get a provisional score of your performance and level of readiness to begin the Standardization Audit.
  • When you click on CREATE ACCOUNT to register, an email will be sent to you with your username and password.
  • Click on the link sent to your email address to access the self-assessment portal and complete the Form.
  • As soon as you complete the interim self-assessment Form, your provisional score will be displayed to you immediately and a copy will be sent to your email. (Kindly note that this score is provisional and simply to test your level of compliance to the OGTAN Standard & Code of Practice for Accreditation of Training Services Providers.
  • Your actual and objectively assessed final score will be based on validation and further evaluation of your scores and other relevant submissions during the Onsite / Virtual Standardization audit to be carried out by the OGTAN appointed 3rd Party Auditor.


  • Pay the Standardization Audit fee to the OGTAN Account to get scheduled for your actual audit.


  • Companies will be scheduled after payment confirmation and the audit will be carried out by an external auditor on a date and time agreed with the Auditor and OGTAN Secretariat.

Audit Report and Grading

Detailed audit report and a certificate showing your Company grade will be issued after the audit reports are received, reviewed and results communicated to the auditee with possible nonconformities to be closed out.

An ATSP certificate with current Standardization Grade will be issued if Grade falls within the A – C Scores of the OGTAN ATSP. This is a Badge of Recognition, sample as below and which should be used alongside the OGTAN Logo on Members’ training certificates, websites, email signature and any company publication.

The OGTAN ATSP Grade A will have 5 STARS within the Badge and a GOOD symbol in Green color in the middle – This is the Mark of the OGTAN World Class Authorized Training Practitioner (ATP).
The OGTAN Grade B will have 4 STARS on the Standardization Badge and is the next in rank to the Grade A Trainer.
The OGTAN Grade C will have 3 Stars on the Standardization Badge and is the OGTAN CLASSIFIED Trainer.

Grading Rubrics

GRADE A: 90-100%

This is the Highest Grade of Trainer /Training Organization that can be undisputedly described as WORLD CLASS. The Grade A trainer is clearly reflective of a well above average stature in all weighting criteria inclusive of the Mandatory Regulatory compliance.

GRADE B: 75%-89%

Grade B is also the next World Class Trainer / Training organization. In perspective based on an evaluation that significant portions of the Criteria inclusive of Technical, Regulatory, Managerial and Performance have been adequately met.

GRADE C: 65%-74%

Grade C is the next Level of classification. Grade C must exceed 50% of the Technical Appraisal and fully legally compliant. OGTAN will review the Bar criteria on the minimum per criteria in future, but as a pilot initiative it is of great importance that Legal and technical competency lead the way.

GRADE D: 50%-64%

Grade D Trainers do not meet the basic requisites and fall within Average competence limits. They however possess good fundamentals and highlight growth areas for possible support essentials by OGTAN management to grow to acceptable competence level.

GRADE E: 40%-49%

This is the Lowest Grade of Trainer /Training Organization that can be undisputedly be described as unacceptable. The Grade E trainer is clearly reflective of a well below average stature in all weighting criteria inclusive of the Mandatory Regulatory compliance and shall be rated as UNCLASSIFIED.

Overall Purpose of
the Standardization Program


The entire Audit program and process are aimed at creating members who are eventually accredited to the Grade A – (OGTAN ATP) – a proud OGTAN Member whose organization and training services can be undisputedly described as WORLD CLASS.

The Grade A Trainer is clearly reflective of a well above average stature in all weighting criteria of the OGTAN ATSP and the six parameters regulating the process.

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