The Oil & Gas Trainers’ Association of Nigeria (OGTAN) was issued with a 15-point mandate by the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board (NCDMB) on creation in 2010. This 15-point mandate can be summarized as: SUPERVISION, STANDARDIZATION and CERTIFICATION of training bodies, curriculum and methods of training delivery in the oil and gas industry.


The supervisory mandate of OGTAN is targeted at monitoring and evaluation of training services providers to ensure corporate entities that operate on standard quality management systems with offerings that are high quality and benchmarked against globally-recognized protocols. This is aimed at OGTAN becoming the leading provider of learning services in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and beyond.


Under this mandate, OGTAN is expected to organize, standardize and render quality training services by pursuing and attaining globally accepted standards through accreditation to relevant ISO Standards such as: ISO 17065 and ISO 17024. OGTAN is also expected to partner with relevant regulatory agencies of government such as: NBTE, PTDF, etc. to obtain required authorization and support for her services.


The aim of NCDMB in this mandate is for OGTAN to pursue domiciliation and domestication of training and skills development in the oil and gas industry. This is to be achieved by curriculum and schemes development of national occupational standards and operating standardized certification services. This will ensure available and affordable training and certification for Nigerians, especially in vocational and technical skills.

The 15-point mandate of NCDMB to OGTAN is detailed as follows:

Ensure the implementation of a structured and standardized approach to Human Capacity Development in the Oil and Gas industry.
To operate as a Training Business Group (Umbrella Body) and interface with the key stakeholders in the industry - National, International Oil & Gas companies and Government.
To provide a platform for training providers to engage Government Regulatory Agencies in formulating policies and developing strategies for domiciling training in Nigeria.
To facilitate the creation of sustainable partnerships between local and international organizations thus ensuring that globally accepted standards are deployed for human capacity building.
To bridge the gap between the academia and the industry by arranging liaisons with the Universities, Polytechnics and Research Institutes.
Promote opportunities for On-the-Job Trainings through collaborative efforts with operating and service companies in Nigeria.
Work with NCDMB to facilitate the establishment of Centers of Excellence in strategic locations.
Create a Skills Development Plan with the objective of training to internationally recognized certification.
Articulate acceptable levels and standards in the processing, facilitation, provision and delivery of training.
Issue guidelines for proper implementation of classroom and on-the- job training based on HCD initiative.
Determine criteria for the selection of training providers in the industry.
Become ISO certified and accredited as may be required for its roles in the industry and encourage member-companies to attain similar standardization status & collaborate with international stakeholder organizations for mutual benefits.
Provide guidance on certification requirements for disciplines and competencies that are relevant to oil and gas business.
Stimulate employment and create training and industrial secondment / attachment opportunities for Nigerian youths.
Evaluation and monitoring of training offered by members and other Learning Services Providers for adequacy to achieve desired results.

JOIN OUR NETWORKMembership of OGTAN is open to all bonafide Nigerian Companies engaged in training in the Oil and Gas Industry.