Governing Council


Governing Council

The Governing Council for the OGTAN Awarding Body shall make policy, establish guidelines and oversee the general administration of the Awarding Body of OGTAN as an integral part of the OGTAN Body of Knowledge protocols in the Accreditation and Certification services scope of the Association. This Body comprised of men and women of repute from within the Association and blended with other stakeholders in society involved in human capacity development, shall have the OGTAN President as Chairman with a Secretary elected from within herself.

The major role of the Council shall be to guide the Awarding Body in her rendition of services to her stakeholders including approved trainers and assessment centers as well as candidates undertaking any programs under the Awarding Body. The Council shall hear and dispense petitions from candidates pertaining any training program or training body/assessment centers in line with established guidelines of the Awarding Body. The Council shall have the right to recommend sanctions against erring Bodies/Centers upon findings of an investigative committee of her members in response to any petition.

Current members of the OGTAN Awarding Body Governing Council are:

MemberMrs. Adetayo Wonuola

MemberProf Mike Onyekonwu

MemberMr Francis Kudaya

MemberMrs Michele Aiyegbusi

MemberMrs Alero Onosode

MemberDr Sarah Nwinee

MemberProf Ifeyinwa Achumba

MemberMr Dapo Omolade

MemberMr Azogu Ifediora

MemberEngr Chika Chinwah

MemberChris Osarunwense

MemberDr David Emumena

MemberMr Davidson Afolabi

MemberMazi Sam Azoka Onyechi

MemberProf Diya’uddeen Basheer Hasan

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